Universal Pave is partnering with Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China (RIOH) to perform applied and advance research leading to the development of innovative technologies in the areas of highway and civil infrastructure construction, maintenance, and operations, and the ultimate deployment of these technologies.

Universal Pave's Test Track is a unique accelerated pavement-testing facility that brings together real-world pavement construction with live heavy trafficking for rapid testing and analysis of asphalt pavements. Universal Pave's and RIOH’s engineers, scientists, and psychologists conduct advanced and applied research to create innovative solutions that improve national quality of life. By developing advanced technology and techniques and implementing systems and simulation tools, the focus is on preventing congestion, improving mobility, improving roadway safety, reducing highway crashes and related fatalities, and improving infrastructure performance.


Lead by Prof. Dr. ZhangPing You and Dr. ShuWei Goh, Universal Pave's Asphalt Pavement Research make it one of the world's leading institutions for asphalt pavement research and an important source of information for those tasked with maintaining our nation's infrastructure. Universal Pave Asphalt Pavement Research Center located in Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport highway testing facilities, Beijing is fully equipped with the latest laboratory and field testing equipment for Pavement Engineering and Forensic Analysis, Asphalt Pavement Material Testing, Field Testing and Asphalt Research.

The asphalt materials testing capabilities at Universal Pave include mixture performance and component materials characterization to improve performance of materials used in Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) and Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA). There are two principal laboratories supporting asphalt research: the Binder Research and Testing Facility, and the Mixture Performance Research and Testing Facility.