Public-private partnerships (PPPs), the construction and upgrading of public-sector infrastructure facilities on the basis of private-enterprise financing, has developed in the past few years into a genuine procurement alternative for public authorities. It is a fact that, without the PPP model, many projects would not put out to tender because they could not be financed with public funds. PPP makes it possible to tackle such projects with the help of private capital. Public-private partnerships thus represent a way of overcoming the investment backlog in the public sector. They offer the opportunity of initiating a process of consolidation and modernization in the field of public administration which in the long run eases the strain on public sector budgets.


Whether delivering massive roadway improvement projects or state-of-the-art institutional spaces, our approach adds value over the lives of PPP projects, from identifying and financing development opportunities to creating and managing groups of service providers that deliver and operate the facilities. As pioneer in PPP development, Universal Pave engineers customized solutions for clients in both the public and private sectors. Through creative project delivery and financing methods, we reduce risk in the development process and minimize the burden on client management resources, while optimizing project functionality, aesthetics, costs, flexibility, and accountability.

In the long term too, PPP projects have proven to be economical, efficient and sustainable. This is due to the fact that on PPP projects, one entity is responsible for all services from financing to operation. This individual also manages the project after implementation and therefore also considers the entire life-cycle of a building as early as the start phase. This means that, right from the start, all parameters are put in place to ensure economical and sustainable use—often over decades.

Universal Pave Group of Companies' PPP Solutions has been implementing projects of this kind since the 2000s. We find intelligent and innovative solutions. We make them plannable and calculable for our clients. At the same time, you can rely on the know-how of an internationally leading construction service provider. Undertaking projects with Universal Pave Group of Companies PPP Solutions therefore means greater security, fewer risks and more experience in implementing innovations.