Universal Pave is an industry leader in heavy/civil projects, with more than 90 years of combined experience on major infrastructure projects. Our multidisciplinary team brings unparalleled qualifications and experience to constructing transportation and infrastructure projects including highways, light rail, bridges, dam, and airport. A strong infrastructure is the very foundation of our communities and nation. As budgets tighten, and consumer pressure demands dollars are spent more wisely, it's important to choose a civil construction company who delivers certainty in three critical areas: schedule, cost and quality. That's what we do.


The coordination and management of every heavy civil project poses unique challenges. Our teams focus on minimizing inconvenience to the local community, motorists, and the public, accelerating the project schedule to meet critical milestones while exceeding owner expectations. The heavy/ civil group achieves these goals on each of our projects by providing quality technical solutions, seasoned construction personnel, and organizational structure that combines strong design, construction, and management principles with competence, creativity, and flexibility.