Universal Pave is a technology-driven engineering, procurement and construction company specializing in design and construction of transportation infrastructure and heavy civil construction. Through our strategic alliance with Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China, we have a unique combination of capabilities including public-private partnerships (PPP) or innovative financing and joint ventures; large, complex design-build and bid-build projects; as well as the ability to produce and install asphalt pavements, aggregate and concrete for construction works.



Skilled in project design, build, engineering, procurement, construction and management.


Achievements and Innovations through our continuous Research and Development

Universal Pave Global plays a role in developing and financing government approved infrastructure projects in the market we serve, through strategic alliance with Research Institute of Highway, Ministry of Transport of People's Republic of China

We are also link with leading experts in civil engineering worldwide to deliver consultancy, financing, design and construction services on the implementation and applications of new innovative technologies for infrastructure projects.